What education and/or training do you have that relates to what you do as a Tax Professional?
How did you get started doing this type of work?
What Licenses do you currently have?
What types of insurance and permits does your firm carry?

Because we are in a very highly regulated industry as Tax Advisory and Resolution Professionals, we carry the following insurance- Professional Liability, E&O (Errors & Omissions), Cybertheft, Property & Casualty, and Worker’s Compensation Insurance.  In addition, we also carry applicable city business permits to operate (i.e., City of Irvine).

How long have you been doing this profession?

See Bio Page with Link below:

What types of Industries do you have most experience with?

We have the most experience with Healthcare, Real Estate, Legal, & Technology Services Industries.

What types of clients have you worked with in the past?

We have worked with clients of all kinds in the past, such as small to midsize companies and individuals alike. However, we are focused on working within our Industrial specialties like real estate, coaches, tech companies, and legal. 

What types of engagements do you enjoy the most?

We truly love to first help someone resolve their tax issues and then to help someone finally set up a tax entity system for them to help them truly achieve their objectives in minimizing their taxes, overcoming IRS/State Issues, & to ensure they are on track.  We also truly enjoy helping someone dissolve tax entities or revive suspended tax entities that have been causing anxieties for someone and can help them finally move forward after successfully resolving it.

Is your firm currently hiring for any positions? If so, how do I submit my resume?

At this moment in time, we are only looking to hire someone to build our Client Relationship Success Department which comprises Tax Advisory & Resolution Specialists (must have CPA or EA License).  If you are a CPA or Enrolled Agent (EA), then we welcome resumes.

How do you keep up to date with the latest news from the IRS, CA FTB, or any other new tax updates?

We, as Tax Advisory & Resolution Associates, attend multiple conferences throughout the year as well as constantly take continuing education courses in order to keep up to date with the IRS, CA FTB, or any other new tax updates.


What do you mean by a Discovery Call and why is it necessary to have one?

A Discovery Call is usually 15 minutes which allows us to first get to know your case and to help us understand where you come from and to also determine whether we are a fit for one another before committing any further on both sides.  It is crucial to have a solid partnership when it comes to retaining a tax advisor and the Discovery Call is our first step to doing so.

What types of service items are normally included in your Tax Advisory Package?

See Services page 

We offer Tax Resolution, Business Tax Success Packages, Personal and Estate and Trust tax advisory work. 

What types of service items are normally included in your Tax Entity Setup & Dissolution Package?
What types of service items are normally included in your Tax Resolution Package?
I see that you have Tax Advisory Packages and all I need is pretty much Tax Filings and periodic Tax Advice. Do you have anything available that will fit what I need for now?

We do have Customized Reporting Only Package that does cover both the Tax Filings and periodic Tax Advisory Services depending on how many times we would meet on Zoom based on your situation.  

If you are a new client, there are times where we would actually recommend this plan over the Tax Advisory Plan as we believe that proven relationships must first develop and to see if we are a great fit for the long-term in working together.

The major difference would be that we would be limited in how much we would help you versus the Tax Advisory Package and which Tax Years and Scope of Services we would cover.

We recommend Tax Advisory Package in the following situations:

  1. If you are a new client that just wants and needs comprehensive tax help without having to deal with the constant limitations of the scope of service and advice as highlighted in the Customized Reporting Only Package and does not mind at all investing in the value of our services to be able to meaningfully deliver you even better results from the past to future.
  2. If you are an existing client that truly enjoys the benefits and saw the results and already sees the value with retaining our firm and wants something more long term in our relationship.
I see that you have Tax Advisory, Tax Resolution, & Tax Entity Setup Packages, but all I want is to file my taxes and not really need tax advice. Do you have anything available that will fit what I need for now?

We do actually have the Reporting Only Package as highlighted in the Client Guide  which covers Tax Preparation & Consultation (during preparation of tax returns only).  

Keep in mind, it does not cover anything else outside such as periodic tax advice that is outside of preparing the tax return or any other consultation outside of preparing the tax return.  If upon request on a per-diem basis, we will bill you before we schedule a separate advisory consultation.

If you do decide at some point, that you would like to upgrade to the Custom Reporting Only Package, we can always revisit based on your evolving needs.

How do you normally communicate and maintain your relationship with them?

When we mutually agree to work together, we will first schedule an onboarding call to go over the initial steps and to obtain documentation that we will need in order to start the project.  In the meantime, we provide periodic status updates by email, text, and phone calls and to communicate what we need in order to continue completing the project such as deadlines.  We also hop on any other applicable Zoom conference calls as needed and if covered by our scope of our engagement to ensure that our clients.  Lastly, we proactively provide unique and brief explanation Loom videos that will help clarify any complex items involved with the project.

How do you help a client work with deadlines on a tax engagement?

We communicate using a follow up system in ensuring that our clients get more than advance notice and ensure that we notify them what we need in order to complete the project before a deadline.  In addition, we also notify them if there are Estimated Tax Payment Deadlines that are applicable to them and to ensure they can plan ahead of time.

What is your typical process for working with a newly onboarded client?

When we mutually agree to work together, we will first schedule an onboarding call to go over the initial steps and to obtain documentation that we will need in order to start the project. 

What advice should a prospective client consider before retaining a Tax Professional?

Our best advice to all potential clients out there is to not get caught up in pricing and instead treat this as an investment for their business and livelihoods, no different than a Doctor or an Attorney. 

It is crucial to receive professional advice and assistance when it comes to tax matters. The tax codes are changing even more frequently, so up to date knowledge from the professional is even more critical. 

Partnership and Communication with the Tax Professional is also another component, as there will be items that will be asked from the client in order to deliver the best results and timeliness of receiving those items. 

While it is understood that things do happen, the IRS and CA Franchise Tax Board do not generally excuse it. 

Key questions to ask oneself: 

1) What do I want in my next Tax Professional? 

2) What does my successful relationship with the next Tax Professional look like? 

3) Am I willing to do what it takes to hire the best?

What and how should a prospective client think through and prepare before taking to a Tax Professional about their situation?

Key actions to take before talking to Tax Professionals: 

1) Examine your Relationship with Your Existing Tax Professional and if it is bringing you results, resolving any anxieties, and what you are looking to change 

2) Take inventory of all the IRS/CA FTB Letters received to this point and gather them together 

3) Describe more about your Business & Personal and what you are looking to do within the next 12 months and goals to accomplish and what that looks like

Thank you so much for your assistance in taking care of my tax needs! Where can I post a review?

We sincerely appreciate helping you on your project! 

You may post a review on our Google Business Review Page with the link below:

Thank you so much for your assistance in taking care of my tax needs! What is the best way for me to refer you clients?

We sincerely appreciate helping you on your project!

The best way to refer us clients is through having them go through the website and to also schedule a Discovery Call with us.

I am looking to start a new Tax Entity. Can you set this up? And my financials are messy can you sort it out and do ongoing accounting or bookkeeping?

We can assist you through the Tax Entity setup and help you setup your initial accounting/bookkeeping system. We can also clean up your past records to current period. 
We don't do ongoing accounting and bookkeeping or financial statements. We have several referrals partners that we are happy share with you and make a professional introduction as part of our new engagement. 

We do require that all of our clients who are filing Corporate  or LLC returns have a Profit & Loss Statements & Balances Sheets ready for filing. 

If the financials are not clean prior to engaging with us for tax preparation, we strongly suggest you either hire an accounting/bookkeeping specialist to take care of this portion of the work. If you want us to help with this, we will do this through our Tax Entity Setup/Cleanup Project package in addition to filing your returns. 



How come your CPA firm does NOT do accounting, bookkeeping, Virtual CFO, Audits, Review, complilation, sales tax reporting and payroll service work?

Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) all vary in the type of services they provide. Our speciality is Tax advisory and Resolution Services - we take pride in our ability to help our clients solve worrisome tax issues. 

We do have a referral network of professionals who specialize in full-service CPA offerings. We work with them to help you solve your tax issues while they help you achieve your other goals. 

Our referrals specialize in accounting advisory, bookkeeping, virtual CFO ash flow budgeting analysis, month-end, or quarter end financials statements, reporting, audits, review, compilation, sales tax reporting, and payroll needs. 


I am in the process of getting a new house or refinancing my loan. I need an investor accreditation letter and by banker or mortgage lender requires a certification letter from a CPA of my financial health. Is this something you can help me with?

Unfortunately, we do not do services that involve audits, reviews, compilations, or attestation engagements such as writing a certification letter. 

We recommend that you work with your banker or lender underwriting and have them conduct their own due diligence in assessing your creditworthiness in the process. 


How do you normally structure your fees per engagement type?

We adopt a value-based pricing structure (flat-fee) structure to cover work scope items before any applicable out-of-scope or ad-hoc hourly consulting fees.  

We will further advise you which items would be covered by our engagement versus not covered in our engagement letters (contracts).  

We generally do not charge hourly rates unless it is a one-time engagement where we do not anticipate a recurring engagement and on a per-diem basis.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We only accept all major credit cards (American Express, Discover, Visa, MasterCard), ACH or Wire Transfer, Apple or Google Pay, E-Check, Money Orders, Cashier’s Check, and Zelle Payments.

Please note that on engagements with monthly payments, you will be required to be on auto-debit authorization.

On credit cards or wire transfers, we do charge an extra 3% to cover the fees associated with the processing the transactions on auto-debits or wire transfers.

Why do you adopt value-based pricing over just charging hourly?

We adopt this because we find that we are able to better focus on delivering excellent value, quality of service, and results rather than time spent.  Simply put, it is a win-win solution that reduces the anxiety for both sides and to focus on delivering the best results possible.

There are some tax professionals that don’t charge retainer like you do. Is there a reason why you charge retainer up front?

Every Tax Professional has different approaches on how they do business.  

Because we are in a very highly regulated industry and that we do have staffing, overhead costs, and contingencies to consider when first delivering on projects, charging retainer up front helps us help you in covering the costs associated with delivering you the best results possible.

Do you offer flexible payment plans for your fees?

We do offer flexible payment plans. Typically we do monthly payment plans with auto-debit authorization agreement after initial enrollment fee is paid if you are not able to do the total amount up front.  

On the flip side, if you do not wish to do monthly payments and to be on auto-debit, you may simply have the option to pay the entire amount up front or half down to start with.  

Either way, we will work with you on what makes sense for both parties.

I don’t like to do monthly payments. Do you have an option for me to just make a lump sum payment instead?

Absolutely, you can definitely do a lump sum payment instead.  Alternatively, you may do half up front first, then half due 30 days later.

I see that you have a policy for monthly payments that you must be on auto-debit. Can I just manually pay my invoice instead?

Our policy is to have our clients on auto-debit for those on monthly plans with us and to ensure that we can focus on delivering the best quality and results possible on a given project. Alternatively, if you wish to not pay monthly, you may instead pay a lump sum amount to opt out of auto-debit.

Do you provide any promotional offers?

We believe that our service is more than enough to provide the value, quality of service, and the results that do not necessitate promotional offers.

Will the fees of the project ever exceed the price I am initially quoted?

Generally speaking, our project engagements are determined by variety of factors such as project complexity, length, resources required, and value provided to the client.  Because every project is unique, there may be projects that require additional time or services outside the scope of the original engagement.  In these situations, we will communicate with you that additional fees may be due.
In short, the initial project scope and work covered as agreed upon will always be the fees covered in the engagement letter, but if anything outside of it is not covered and is required to be delivered upon, then additional fees or new engagement will apply. 

What do you mean by when you charge for a service item “outside the scope of the engagement”? Can you give me an example?

If something is “outside the scope” of our original engagement, it means that the project we agreed to work on when you first engaged us did not include or cover the issue either because it was not mutually agreed upon or that it is anticipated later on that we would work on if necessary that isn’t covered yet by the initial engagement.

Great example is if we have a someone who needs to file their tax returns for past couple years, but also has a year beyond prior year that needs a tax return amendment. 

Your fees seem high, why is that?

Our fees are reflected by the value, quality of service, results, trusted expertise, and the experience that our clients enjoy in making sure that they are able to reduce their hours of anxieties from tax issues and to simply focus on what they do best- operate their businesses.

Simply put, we do not take shortcuts and we ensure we do things the right way.


Could you please share more about your process in how you maintain confidentiality?

Our Associates are bound by confidentiality and we have governing rules both within our firm and by all applicable governing laws when it comes to confidentiality.  Any documentation we receive from you will be uploaded in a Cloud-Based Client Portal Archive which is both HIPAA and IRS compliant and to ensure that your information is protected.

I realize that you will be asking questions or requesting documentation that are confidential to help me, but I’m not always comfortable in answering or providing them. How can you help me with this?

We understand where you come from and it is not easy to share information at first since we are getting to know each other.  Just remember, our higher purpose is to simply make sure that we are working on the best results possible in delivering your project and to ensure that we are able to resolve the issues that have been causing you anxieties in the past.

What steps do you normally take when it comes to security & confidentiality?

We do an internal audit in our company to make sure that any and all passwords, payment information, and other items are only requested once and that it is programmed into softwares that do not allow for these information to be revealed.

For example, if we need to obtain username and passwords for a Tax Entity Setup Project such as for bank statements, then our Tax Advisory & Resolution Associate will request it from you directly and then have it programmed into the software that will automatically mask the password.  There will be times that security codes will be requested due to banking security protocols, which at that point is the only thing we would request.

In short, we do not need to memorize passwords, payment information, etc and that it is requested just once (except if the password changes).

I see that you have employees and that they may be able to see confidential information. What steps do you take to ensure that my information is secure?

 We take rigorous internal-auditing steps to ensure that only selective access is granted to our employees and that they use the software that will mask the passwords, payment information, etc.

On a project such as Tax Entity Setup Project, if your firm is helping to obtain bank and credit card statements more efficiently on my behalf, I am concerned that your staff may have access to it and I don’t want it spreading out elsewhere. How do you handle this?

Simply by only limiting our staff to use the applicable softwares necessary to be able to deliver on the projects that masks the password, payment information, and other confidential information.  The staff do not have any access to that information.

What types of software do you use that will ensure my confidentiality?

We use a host of proprietary reputable softwares that we significantly invest in making sure that the security and confidentiality is maintained all throughout the engagement process.

If my Mortgage Lender, Banker, Financial Advisor, Attorney, or anyone else is requesting tax documents from you, what do I need to do?

First off, this would constitute as a 3rd Party Request for Tax Documentation, which it will first require permission from the taxpayer in order to allow us to directly provide it to the 3rd Party.

We can do this in couple ways:

  1. You can download your PDF copy of the tax return documentation from your Client Portal Archive Account to provide to the 3rd Party requesting it. If you need for us to directly work with the 3rd Party, then it will constitute as a 3rd Party Support Fee (unless previously covered by engagement) and that we will have a Form 7216 3rd Party Authorization to Disclose Form signed by Taxpayer to authorize us to directly share your information with the 3rd Party.
I realize that you may have me fill out an IRS Tax Information Authorization or Power of Attorney for when you work on my case. Is there a reason for this?

As a standard service in our package, we include IRS/State Revenue Board Correspondence Support to help assist on your behalf to deal with correspondence.  In order to do this, we will need to have an IRS Information Authorization (8821) and State Tax Board Information Authorization to be able to accomplish this to be able to activate this with the IRS and State Revenue Board.  This will allow us to keep on top of letters and also be able to request transcripts on your behalf.

Now if we are working on a Tax Resolution case and the case needs further representation (to figure out the WHY) of a certain tax issue, then we would do a Form 2848 Power of Attorney to allow us to represent you on your behalf to further investigate the issue and to obtain answers from the IRS or State Tax Board.

I hear about news of cybertheft security breaches and was wondering how prepared are you?

We always prepare ourselves and we continuously ensure that our Cybertheft Insurance is also up to date as well as safeguards and training in our systems. 


I am an Accountant (CPA) or Bookkeeper that specializes in Virtual CFO, Bookkeeping, Cash Flow/Budgeting Advisory, etc. and would love to connect with you! How can we best be of mutual assistance and work with each other?

Since we focus on Tax Services and Initial Tax Entity Setup Services only, we would refer out services that are related to Ongoing Accounting/Bookkeeping Advisory, Budgeting/Cash Flow Analysis, Month and Year End Financial Statement Reporting, Ongoing Payroll Tax Reporting Compliance Services (Non Tax Resolution Case), and Ongoing Sales Tax Compliance Reporting (Non Tax Resolution Case).

I am a Banker, Financial Advisor with a Brokerage Firm, Insurance Agent, or a Business Coach and would love to connect with you! How can we be of mutual assistance and work with each other?

Since we deal with lots of clients that also have 3rd Party needs that can be related to their tax needs, then we would refer out the needs that is specific to them in helping them achieve their goals and objectives.  We would be a great fit if you have a client base that does need our Tax Services per our Services Page.

I am an Attorney that specializes with Business, Estate, Real Estate, Healthcare, or IT Law and would love to connect with you! How can we be of mutual assistance and work with each other?

Since we deal with various cases that do involve a client that from time to time ask legal questions in the process, we would refer out to the attorney that would best be able to address those questions.  In addition, we do not handle the legal services of Entity Formation and just only handle the Tax side.  Lastly, we can provide 3rd Party Support with our mutual clients which can be also included in their engagements.

I am a Realtor or Mortgage Lender with a Brokerage office and would love to connect with you! How can we best be of mutual assistance and work with each other?

Since we deal with lots of 1099 cases, this would be one of our major areas of our industrial expertise and that we do come across clients that will also have needs when it comes to real estate or mortgage.  We do have a Partner program which is specific to Realtors.  Lastly, we do speaking engagements to Real Estate Branch Offices that are looking to invite Tax Professionals.

I am a Payroll Services Company and would love to connect with you! How can we best be of mutual assistance and work with each other?

Since we deal with businesses that do require payroll setup as well in our Tax Entity Setup Engagements, we do typically work with the best payroll services company possible that would best fit what they are looking for.  If you end up having clients that need our Tax assistance, we will be glad to be a resource for them.

I am a Digital Marketing Coach or Online Coach and would love to connect with you! How can we best be of mutual assistance and work with each other?

We work with lots of technology and online coaches in our cases and that we would love to be part of upcoming speaking engagements such as online webinars, seminars, or Master Classes.

What is the best way to meet with you?

Simplest way is to get on our calendar for a 15 minute personal call. You can do that by clicking any schedule button on our website. 

What is your ideal client?

We have an idea referral client worksheet that we can give you after our personal partnership call. 

What is the best way to refer clients to you?

The easiest way is to have then book a discover call through our website or you can give us their contact information and we will reach out to them as long as we have permission to do so.